Health and Safety Policy

Africa Civil has a moral and legal responsibility to safeguard all employees, the environment and other people affected by our business activities against any injury or risk to health during any activities, as far as is practical.

Our Goal

We strive for the highest standards of safety and health, consistent with international best practices. We strongly believe that every accident is avoidable. We aim to achieve zero incidents for all our projects and zero health impact to our workforce.

Our Commitments

We pledge to:

  • Place top priority on the safety of all our employees and the people they come in contact with in the work place.
  • Make safety and health a primary objective at all stages of any project.
  • Continually strive to improve the overall health and safety performance of our projects towards zero incidents and zero health impact to our workforce.

Our Strategies

We pursue excellence in safety through:

  • Implementing a structured Project Safety Review (PSR) system during each stage of all project.
  • Complying with statutory requirements and implementing an occupational safety and health (OSH) management system for all projects.
  • Nurturing a corporate culture that promotes health and safety for all.
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders to enhance health and safety.

“Safety First” must be embraced by everyone. All staff who have direct control of activities that affect health and safety are to demonstrate them explecitly in their execution of these activities.

Enviromental Policy

Africa Civil is committed to nurture its staff to care and protect the environment. We incorporate environmental protection in our strategic decisions and conduct our business in a manner that balances the environmental and economic needs of the communities in which we operate.

We will:

  • Comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and authorities and meet or exceed good environmental practices.
  • Work with all stakeholders to ensure that we operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders to enhance health and safety.
  • Create a cleaner and greener environment by making continuous efforts to be energy-efficient and to practice ‘Reduce’, ‘Re-Use’ and ‘Recycle’.
  • Monitor, evaluate and continually improve our environmental management practices to ensure efficient use of limited resources.

Quality Assurance Policy

Quality assurance is always a vital consideration of the Company and its staff. Quality control frequency and the type of testing will be in accordance with SANS 1200 and / or COLTO / CSRA as applicable. Test methods and procedures are in accordance with recommendations of the specific industry in which the work is being completed. The company makes use of commercial testing laboratories as well as performing their own internal quality and process control testing.